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Insurexchange delivers high quality and competitively priced insurance solutions through our seasoned risk management professionals.  Our experts have the background and success in risk and insurance with extensive experience in commercial insurance brokerage, insurance and risk management consulting and corporate risk management.  From primary workers’ compensation insurance for businesses to self insured options for large companies, governmental entities and associations, we offer a complete range of workers’ compensation options. 

Workers' compensation is a statutorily imposed insurance which provides employees injured on the job or who have incurred workplace illness with medical coverage and loss of income.  Workers Compensation eliminates the need for employees and their families to sue employers for benefits including medical care, death, disability and rehab benefits due to workplace accidents. A few states operate monopolistic insurance pools which eliminate the requirement of purchasing private insurance.  In Florida refer to F.S. Ch 440 for additional information. 

Insurexchange advisors provide the following services to all our clients:

  • Access to multiple carriers
  • Pay as you go premiums
  • Claims management
  • Classification determinations
  • Premium credit review
  • Experience mod analysis
  • Premium audit assistance
  • Workers compensation risk management
  • Facility Inspections

Insurexchange is committed to the principles of integrity, honesty, and transparency in serving the best interests of our clients. We work as a partner with our clients to actively manage the cost of workers’ compensation.  Our experienced staff of professionals will work with you to develop and implement innovative and cost-effective strategies to manage all aspects of your workers’ compensation program.

Insurexchange is dedicated to helping our clients eliminate, prevent and mitigate  workplace accidents and injuries to their employees. Accidents and injuries can have a significant financial impact on a company. The total cost of an injury includes compensable costs such as medical and lost income and non-compensable costs such as employee turnover and lost productivity from the injured worker, retraining, managements time and expense associated with tasks including investigating the incident and/or giving legal testimony, these are referred to as the indirect costs of a claim.  For every dollar spent on insured direct costs, a company will incur uninsured indirect cost 3-5 times as great.  

Insurexchange provides access to the leading "A" rated workers compensation carriers underwriting hundreds of eligible classes of business.  No premium is too small for our staff to handle.  We will handle all your needs without regard to size and you can be assured you will be receiving our hallmark safety and risk management advice as well.   Our safety engineering and loss control services will enhance your loss performance, reduce lost workdays and increase productivity. Our preventive services will yield significant benefits to your company in the form of lower premiums for workers’ compensation insurance over the long-term and greater profitability.

Insurexchange provides each client with value-added services including:

  • Monitoring your risk exposure to eliminate many claims
  • Monitoring claims so that only accurate data is submitted towards your mod. 
  • Loss forecasting of mods before your budgeting begins
  • Review payrolls classifications with you throughout the year
  • Attend your audits so the correct information is gathered
  • Root cause analysis of claims on a real-time basis.


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