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Risk Management - Eliminate, Prevent and Mitigate

Insurexchange professionals provide risk management services to all types of businesses. 

What is Risk Management?  There are many ways to express it, however, simply put it is the practice of protecting your organization from financial harm by identifying, analyzing and controlling risk at the lowest possible cost.  Our services always begin with risk identification and a carefully thought out strategy for eliminating risk as much as possible.  Some risks are very challenging to eliminate or altogether impossible; and require an aggressive prevention strategy backed by a well managed mitigation program.  Insurexchange professionals will create such a strategy and program, leading to lower claim costs and insurance premiums. 

We work seamlessly with your finance, legal, real estate, construction, risk management and human resources staff.   We deliver solutions which are integrated into the core of your business and can be designed to be transparent.  While safety always needs to be top of mind with your management; implementation needs to take place at the foundation of your business. That begins with an employee training program that includes safety awareness based upon the perils that drive your business.   When our risk management foundation is laid in place your employees will not be able to extract the safety measures implemented because they will be ubiquitous and seamless throughout your operating practices. 

Insurexchange delivers solid risk management advice including a clear crisis management strategy.  Managing a crisis can be expensive and is often embarrassing for a corporation.   A crisis can range from food-borne illness at a food preparation business, violent acts such as a shooting, libel and slander in the media, etc...Preparing a clear communication strategy for both the public and your employees is paramount to your success.

We can conduct a comprehensive analysis of your entire claims management process and procedures; including internal reserving practices set by your financial team; review all service provider agreements and measure the benefits against cost; standard by your medical cost containment program; recommend settlement ranges, denials, case reserving and benchmarking to industry standards.  A professional can  interact with your adjusters and defense counsel.  Expenses can be kept down by always understanding your business and making sure that once a claim occurs the facts are documented immediately so that claims can be closed quickly without expensive litigation.   

We can help design safety incentive programs as well as these are an effective tool in accident prevention.  At the same time, an incentive program is not a replacement for a well written and communicated risk and safety program.

Our services include:

Comprehensive Claim Reviews
Risk Management Surveys and Audits
Reports to Management
Loss Forecasting
Cash Flow Analysis
Collateral Analysis
Premium and loss allocation, by corporate, division, location, etc.
Insurance Audit and Policy Analysis
Certificate of Insurance Management
Contractual Liability Analysis (non-legal) - real estate, vendors, certificates
Design and Supervise Risk Management and Insurance Program
Third Party Administration Evaluations
Monitor Worker's Compensation Experience Modifier
Monitoring of Insurance Market conditions
Self-Insurance Feasibility Studies
Retention and Self-Insurance Funding Advice
Captive, Pooled Risk and Group Purchase Feasibility Studies
Litigation Support Services (non-legal)
Review of Pre-design and Construction
CAT Event Planning
Negotiate Surety and Guarantee Lines


Risk Management
Medical, Law, Commerce and Construction
Claims Management
Contract Review
M&A Review
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